Business credit rating improvement service

Once we’ve completed your FREE credit rating review, we can then recommend an action plan through our business credit rating improvement service. We agree on a target for improvement with you to ensure you only pay for the value you need, and we can improve your credit ratings across the whole market or with specific individual agencies.

Our simple business information templates are quick and easy to complete. Armed with this information, we can get to work improving your company credit rating in as little as 2 days. Our agreements with the five leading credit rating agencies allows us access to their data enabling us to spot potential issues quickly, identify solutions and take swift action.

We have a 100% success rate in business credit rating improvement. Our promise remains the same whatever your business type or size. If we’re unable to improve your business credit rating, then you won’t pay a penny.

How better credit ratings can help your business

Improving your company credit ratings can help with many of these common issues:

    • Your company credit rating is not reflective of your current company performance
    • A supplier has informed you of a downgrade in your credit rating, reducing your terms
    • Your company’s poor credit rating is precluding you from bidding on tenders
    • You need a better credit rating to access funding or improve terms
    • You are a subsidiary of a larger company that has a poor credit rating
    • Lack of working capital is constraining your businesses growth

The business credit rating improvement process


Our FREE credit insight report provides a snapshot of how your business is viewed by the 5 main UK credit rating agencies.


With our insider knowledge, we identify actions needed to improve your credit ratings.


You add your company information into our templates and we’ll work directly with the agencies to get scores re-evaluated.


We can improve your ratings in as little as 2 days, with scores updated by the agencies instantly.

Why choose our business credit rating improvement service?

Our friendly team of experts all have in-depth knowledge of the credit rating system. They will explain everything in simple terms and guide you through the process. We handle all cases with total confidentiality, and our service is completely risk-free as you only pay if we get results.


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