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Who We Are ?

Lightbulb Credit was an idea in James’ mind back in 2016. After years of working with the multiple rating agencies and improving the scores and limits for the companies, he was working for the time. James spotted an opportunity to ensure that companies had the rating they deserve. Understanding the issues of the timing lag of when statutory data is filed and that the black and white data used by the agency algorithm’s has many more shades of grey.

We work with our clients to provide detailed data to the relevant agencies using our relationships and unique arrangements. This enables the rating agency to see data that is not publicly available and make an informed credit decision, whilst at the same time ensuring your data remains confidential.

So Lightbulb Credit Ltd was born. We are a fin-tech that provides a review, repair and monitoring service across all 5 of the main rating agencies in the UK. We work across all sectors and with SME’s to Plc’s. In our first year alone we added over £82m in trade credit terms for our clients.

Our aim? Simple, we want to help all of our clients understand and have access to the best trade credit terms they can get.

Are we succeeding? Just look at what a few of our clients say about us.


What We Stand For

Lightbulb Credit has been built with integrity underpinning everything we do. Our client’s ratings should reflect the business that is operating right now. We feel passionate about this. We are innovators, driving the agenda on improving companies access to the best credit terms they can get. We work across the whole market, we can offer advice and insight into any issues relating to your companies trade credit ratings.


Why Use The Service? 

If you don’t know your company’s trade credit ratings then you should probably take a look. Using our free review service to step outside of your company and see what the outside world thinks of you. This can often be an enlightening experience for directors and business owners. We hear the words “Well that’s just wrong” said so many times by owners and directors alike. How do you fix it? Simple, contact us today and we will work with you in a simple but effective way to ensure that your company gets the credit it deserves.

What Our Clients Say

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