Don’t be in the dark about your company’s credit profile

Do you know your company’s trade credit rating?

Don’t be the last to know about a change in your company’s credit ratings or limits. With our “whole market” pro-active monitoring service we can ensure that you are on the front foot when it comes to knowing your up to date credit profile.


From start-ups, SME’s, companies in turnaround, rapidly growing businesses, Plc’s, P/E back enterprises, asset hive downs, carve-outs to companies who just feel their credit ratings are suboptimal. We can help you all, and if we can’t then you don’t pay a penny.


So far we have added over £174m to our client’s trade credit terms…… We can help your company maximize its trade credit potential. Our risk-free solutions work from SME’s to Plc’s. Take a look at what our clients say about us…..

Improve Your Company Credit Rating

In as little as 3 days


Don’t be in the dark about your company’s credit profile.

Lightbulb Credit is a specialised consultancy, offering a “whole market” credit overview, we are uniquely placed to help you review, repair and monitor your company’s credit profile.

Unique “whole market” insight

Our ability and breadth of scope gives you oversight across the 5 main trade credit agencies in one place, with the option to improve your company’s ratings with all of them, individually or across them all – you decide.

100% success rate

We have a 100% success record for our clients and have added over £174m to their trade credit terms. With over 25 years of trade credit rating, finance, and treasury experience. We can help your company.

Proven track record of success for our clients

We have over 150 satisfied clients and we have added over £174m to their trade credit terms. Our client’s testimonials speak for themselves.

Pro-active monitoring

Our “whole market” monitoring service ensures that you are the first to know of any changes in your ratings and limits across the 5 main agencies.

The Lightbulb Process

Don’t be in the dark about your company’s credit profile


Our unique whole market summary provides an easy to understand overview of your company across all the 5 main rating agencies.


Using our knowledge we can make a series of recommendations to enhance and improve your trade credit profile.


We have unique, easy to complete templates that ensure we minimise the time and maximise the impact of our trade credit repair process.


Our 100% record, with over £174m added to our client trade credit terms means that we should be your first choice to help with your trade credit terms.

Our Services




We are happy to provide you with a free insight on how your company is viewed by the main trade credit rating agencies in the UK.




Our unique approach ensures that your company’s credit ratings are optimised either across the whole market or targeted specific agencies.




We provide a pro-active monitoring service on your company’s trade credit profile. Ensuring you are the first to know about any changes.


CCJ Removal


Has a CCJ issued against your company impacted your credit rating? Our removal service will get you back trading on terms quickly.


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